Pets who look different deserve love

Another sad story of absolute horror inflicted on a poor defenceless animal.

They Abused This Cat Until She Was Missing Her Eyes and a Leg. Then Others Discriminated Against Her for Being Disabled.

Stargazer the cat is in a loving home now. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, the previous humans in her life were so abusive, they left her permanently physically maimed and scarred. By the time her new person met her, she’d been abused so horrifically, she was missing both of her eyes and one of her legs. That type of experience should have made people more sympathetic and compassionate towards this little animal. Instead, she was continuously rejected due to her disabilities — and almost euthanized because of being unwanted.

While Stargazer’s new owner admired her for being “truly a little survivor,” even his own sister turned against the small cat. After she met Stargazer one evening, she was horrified — not by what the animal had been through, but what she looked like as a result. She accused the animal of being “demonic” and banned her children from ever visiting her brother’s home again. This kind of discrimination might seem trivial, but it’s not. All animals — and people — deserve our respect and kindness. That shouldn’t change just because someone looks different or moves differently. In Stargazer’s case, she was lucky because her human has never budged from supporting and standing by her, even if it pits him against his own family. Other animals aren’t as lucky, but they all deserve lives full of love. Sign the petition to urge major pet retailers like PetCo and PetSmart to create a public education campaign, teaching people how to care for their disabled pets!

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