PetSafe Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain

Two facts about cats that you will probably know (if you have cats) but you should know (if you are planning on adopting a cat: they prefer their food bowl and water bowl in separate places, and many cats prefer to drink from running water (tap or fountain) as it resembles drinking from a running spring in the wild.

Moreno in particular loves running water and will sit in the bathroom meowing until we turn the tap on, even though he has access to two PetSafe Fountains and a Water Fountain in the garden. Still he is over 15 now and he has always got what he wanted so not going to change now.

The other cats (12 of them) are happy with the Pet Fountain, although the brothers like the tap in the kitchen. We have gone through a few fountains over the years and in general it has been the motors that have either packed up, or most often, got clogged up too quickly.

To date we have had no clogging issues with the PetSafe thanks to the sponge which sits around the motor and traps the hairs very well.

Another issue we have had with previous fountains which have had several component parts is that they move and either the water stops running, or the water spills.

Again no such issues.

The PetSafe is easy to clean but it does tend to get a sort of calcified scum on it which doesn’t come off with normal dishwashing or the dishwasher, but if you scrape it gently with the edge of a knife of the appliance you use to clean the top of a oven plate it comes off easily enough and makes no marks.

Gets our vote. Most importantly it gets the votes of all the cats.

Even though Moreno has access to two PetWell Fountains he still insists on a drink from the tap, and when he is in the Garden he uses the Fountain.
Moreno using a earlier fountain in Spain.

Manufacturers Information

Keep your pet hydrated and healthy

Drinkwell Avalon Dog and Cat Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain allows your pet to enjoy fresh, filtered water. The foam filter removes debris and hair and the activated carbon filter removes any bad tastes and odour from the water. The water in your pet’s Avalon fountain is constantly moving, inhibiting the growth of bacteria while also encouraging your pet to drink more.

Benefits of the PetSafe Drinkwell Mini Fountain

No More Worries

The free-falling flow from the 2 spouts helps your pet drink more, so they get the right amount of water each day to keep them healthy and hydrated.

No More Dirty Water

With this pet fountain, your pet never has to drink dirty water again. The constant circulation of water prevents the growth of bacteria, while the filters eliminate bad tastes and odours.

More Happy Momets

More Happy Times By keeping your pet healthy and hydrated, you and your pet can enjoy play more and live happily together .

  • Customisable for your pet – The PetSafe Drinkwell, Avalon Pet Fountain features an Elevated Drinking Bowl to help Large Dogs, Senior and Arthritic Pets making it the ideal choice for all Cats and Dogs
  • Natural Hydration- The Fresh, Free Flowing Water, Naturally encourages even the fussiest of Pets to Drink. Pets with Cystitis or Chronic Kidney Disease will also greatly benefit from an increased Water consumption.
  • Health Enhancing – The constant circulation of Water ensures the Drinking Water is optimally oxygenated and hinders the spread of bacteria, making it Fresher than a traditional Drinking Bowl, keeping your Pet Healthy
  • Filtered – Both the Foam and Replaceable Charcoal Filter prevent hair, food debris and contaminants getting into the Pet Fountain whilst also improving the taste of the Drinking Water for your Pet
  • Warranty – The PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain includes a 2 year manufacturer’s Warranty

Price: £69.44

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