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UPDATE: 22/04/09 17:00
Great news! Tommy now has a foster home with Nicola and Erika and is out of his cage and enjoying a nice meaty meal. Now I just hope he settles into apartment life as he has been a street cat for several years. Being FIV positive, the outdoor life is not longer an option for him. If things are looking good he will be castrated, chipped etc. next week and with luck, the German girls will find him a home soon. Even better, as Erika is flying to Munich in June, she will hopefully be able to take him with her, as the stressful 24 hours transport will not be great for this FIV cat. What a lucky boy!!! So far so good.

UPDATE: 22/04/09
There I was hoping to have a quieter week, but I’m off to the Casa again this afternoon with my new neighbour, Nicola. Tommy is not happy being shut in a small cage and is crying a lot, so Nicola is going to meet him and see if she can give him a home for a few weeks. Tommy is a particular problem now because we have found out that he is FIV positive which means he cannot mix with other cats. This does not mean he cannot have a good life, and as I have completely fallen from him, with the help of the fantastic girls in Germany, we are going to try and in Kerstin’s words ‘save him’.

Things are looking good so far this week. No news is good news from the Casa about Caesar and our TomCat. Here’s hoping they are not fighting. Pam and I are going up to see Gisela and help clean this afternoon so we will be able to check on our boys then.

Last night Mina our little tabby from the rocks was at our vet for her blood test and final injections. Her infected gums are looking better and she has been declared fit to travel to Germany on Saturday. One last conversation I will need to have with Begona when I pick up her passport tomorrow is how contagious she thinks she may still be, as she will be going to a foster home in Germany with Cookie our other little traveller this week.

That’s about all on my list for this week apart from taking Cookie and Mina to the transport VERY early on Saturday morning. Thanks to Dawn for volunteering to come with me as Pam will be getting ready for our monthly book sale in the Ankara. Please all animal lovers come and support us as usual as I have unscheduled vet bills to pay and money is needed urgently!

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  1. Chris

    Happy to see Tom in a new foster home here. I think he dserves a chance, after all that is exactly what you are trying to do as much as possible, make life better and give as many of the strays a chance of a rewarding life. After all as we have seen from so many great photos these cats are all capable of giving some owners a LOT of satisfaction!!!

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