Police charged this couple with animal cruelty, but let them keep a dog

Bystanders were horrified when they saw the 9-week-old puppy hanging out the window of a seemingly empty car in the Walmart parking lot. The Great Pyrenese baby, a breed that is ill-suited to deal with the hot Florida weather, had not only been abandoned to bake in the vehicle — someone had also taped its little snout tightly shut with electrical tape. The tape cut so painfully into the puppy’s face that mucus was squeezing out of its nose and the corners of its closed mouth. When good samaritans tried to help the pup, bringing it water and calling local authorities, they discovered another dog in the hot vehicle. And that’s when they heard a cruel voice, telling them to get away from the dogs.

The dogs’ owners had come back to the car, a man and a woman who showed no remorse for the peril they put the poor things in. And while animal services rescued the taped-up puppy, police allowed the cruel pair of humans to keep their other dog! Jaelen Anthony Barge and Allison Marie Sweck have each been charged with one count of animal cruelty. It doesn’t make any sense to leave a defenseless dog with people who are being charged with abuse of another dog! Sign the petition demanding that Domestic Animal Services in Lee County, Florida immediately remove the other dog in this couple’s possession!

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