Police want to kill these beagles that were rescued from a tortured life of experimentation

Two Beagles Are Facing Death in Police Custody. Free Love and Libby!

Activists recently broke into an animal testing facility and heroically freed 18 beagle puppies. Sadly, the police captured two of the dogs: Love and Libby. According to the organization that arranged the rescue, the two puppies are considered “contaminated property” and will be killed if they aren’t released. These innocent puppies are so much more than evidence or property. They deserve to live!

The activists who broke into the facility released footage of unacceptable living conditions: “Dogs can be seen playing in their own excrement before making desperate attempts to interact with the rescuers.”

The animal testing facility MBR Acres has been widely criticized for its methods. They breed around 1,600 to 2,000 beagles each year, and begin toxicology testing at only 16 weeks old. The facility needs to be shut down — but more urgently, Love and Libby need to be freed!

Demand Cambridgeshire Police release Love and Libby to a sanctuary so they can live the lives they deserve!

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