Poppy & Friends

14/09/13: Poppy is now a gorgeous bigger girl of 5 months, having been very well looked after by foster Dad Matt. Most of her little friends from this home have now found families in Spain, but Matt kept Poppy’s best buddy Eddie to be her forever friend. They will travel together to a foster home in Germany on the September transport, and will be found a family together. They look very close and happy in these new photos. Have a lovely life Poppy. I am happy to have been able to help you.

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12/05/13: Poppy is a gorgeous little girl, now 3-4 weeks old, who I had the pleasure of bottle feeding for 10 days, after she was rescued from a garden here in Almerimar. She was one of a litter but for some reason Poppy’s mother moved her brothers and sisters and left Poppy behind all alone. The girl who brought Poppy to us waited a whole day before taking Poppy inside, so maybe her mother was frightened off. I don’t believe our little girl was abandoned as a runt because from the first she was strong and full of life and drinking her formula well. Poppy IS a delightful little kitten, but on Saturday I decided to send her up to Matt near Sorbas. We already have 6 lovely cats and it would have been too easy to grow TOO fond of Poppy. I also thought some friends of her own age would be better for her, particularly as my youngest here, Kasper, was trying to play very roughly with her! Matt has a litter of 4 about a week older than Poppy, and now we know we have made the right decision. Poppy is already snuggled up and one of the gang! I miss her but she looks very happy. Enjoy her photos. I will be keeping in touch with her progress.

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