More Successful Sterilisations

Sweet Tabby Cat

Today has been another great day for Almerimar Strays. Even people who don’t agree with the feeding and supporting of the stray cats, should be happy with what we have achieved today.

This morning with Pam’s help, I caught 2 of the stray female cats on the rocks, and Pam and Mary then took them, along with a third feral stray, sponsored by Dawn, up to the dog rescue for sterilisation.

I picked the ladies up this afternoon and all seems well. They are wide awake and stirring, and although no doubt a little uncomfortable, I’m sure will be fine. We will keep them in for 2-3 days to allow the healing to start and for them to be completely over the anesthetic, and then they will be released for now back into the wild, with a little clip in one ear, the accepted way to indicate that they have been sterilised.

Maria Soroka kindly gave me a lift up this afternoon, along with Emma and Kris, as they were all interested in seeing the dog rescue with a view to Emma doing some voluntary work. That would be great, and I’m pleased to have been able to facilitate something that will help dogs for a change. I know that Emma wants to get more involved in helping the stray dogs here in Almerimar and up in Berja, and seeing the infrastructure and help that Jos’s can provide, will definitely help her.

As for today’s patients, thanks to Jenny for giving shelter to the 2 rock girls in her little bathroom, particularly as she is currently also fostering 2 of our Almerimar 5 kittens, Bonny and Jasper, AND of course a big thanks again to Jos and his vet Miguel for their help and support.

Next week we will try for more sterilisations, with the hope of getting to all the more tame, catchable females over the next couple of weeks. Some of these are lovely friendly animals. I had no problem catching the 2 this morning, and the sweet tabby pictured, in particular, didn’t really put up any fight. Pam has been feeding her for a long time and believes she would be a candidate for re-homing. We would love to send her to Germany and would sponsor her ourselves but the big blocker is a lack of a foster home.

So if anyone could take in this lovely cat for a few weeks, while we got her ready for travel, please contact us.

4 thoughts on “More Successful Sterilisations

  1. Pam Roberts

    Saw the 2 cats who were released back into the ‘wilds’ this morning, both seemed very well and tucked into their breakfast – doesnt seem to be a problem with their operations – both ops looked clean and healthy – still no sign of the two other female black and white cats who are next on the list to be ‘done’

  2. Pam Roberts

    Have been very worried about the tabby and white cat – but this morning she came along and tucked into whiskers and Pate (a treat to tempt her to eat) so she seems to be well on the road to recovery.We hope to pick up the mainly white female from the rocks on Friday and Mimmy cat from Calle Alcor for them to be spayed.Fingers crossed we can catch them.

  3. Sands Post author

    Great news Pam. Guess she just took a little longer to get over her op, than her rather bigger friend. Dawn reported that Tabitha Cat took over a week to be really interested in food again after he sterilisation. I think we’re learning all the time, including when to start really worrying!

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