Post Brexit (No Deal) Pet Transport: Licenses Will Be Valid

Pretty much at the same time as I posted yesterday regarding pet transport post a No Deal Brexit, APHA were confirming that EU27 Authorised transporters may operate freely in the UK post Brexit.

Transporter authorisations issued in the EU will be valid for use in the UK. The decision to accept EU issued documentation was made to safeguard and protect animal welfare and ensure their smooth transition through our ports and borders on day one and afterwards.

This doesn’t specifically address the reciprocal of UK issued documentation being valid in the EU, but it seems pretty safe to assume so.

2 thoughts on “Post Brexit (No Deal) Pet Transport: Licenses Will Be Valid

  1. Dan Coughlan

    Hi again. Re your last paragraph, Defra/APHA acknowledge all its licences and authorisations will be invalid beyond Dover post Brexit. It’s even in writing on the GOV.UK website, so no need to assume anything. Sorry.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Yep, it most certainly does still say that, but the point I was trying to get over was that as there has been no mention of a reciprocal agreement, that doesn’t mean that there wont be. Much as with the situation with citizens living abroad, the message changes regularly, so I am far from convinced that what a Government site says today will be the same post Brexit. Maybe is a false hope, or being optimistic, but I have said from Day One that whatever happens regards a Deal or No Deal, my view is that they will actually change as little as possible that effects people on either side on a day to day basis because it will just be too much hassle for them. Time will tell:-)

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