Pregnant dogs, puppies, rabbits and goats found neglected

The sights, smells, and sounds on that property in Clay County, Florida must have been enough to stop anyone in their tracks. But luckily, rescuers forged ahead into “deplorable conditions” in order to save “approximately 100 dogs, 42 rabbits, 33 chickens, five pigeons and an unknown number of goats” from imminent misery, or even death. Demand a thorough investigation into how someone was able to obtain and neglect this many animals, and make sure that it never happens again!

Overhead footage captured by local news outlets showed a total nightmare scenario — deteriorating, collapsing structures make up the entire property, debris and garbage scattered throughout enclosures. Many of the dogs are heavily pregnant, with apparently already a ton of puppies to take care of. Apparently, neighbors couldn’t even tell how bad things had gotten for these nearly 200 animals — all they could do was hear the noise coming from the property, and observe animals sometimes escaping, trying to get free.

Whatever this person’s story or intention was, they should never have been able to keep this many animals in such terrible conditions. A full investigation must be done into how things got this bad, and to make sure that it doesn’t happen again — sign the petition if you agree!


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