Project Mimi Catch

UPDATE: 31/03/09
Damn! Still no joy, in fact worse than yesterday. NO paws inside the catch box today!!!

We have been actively trying to catch Mimi cat for several weeks now, since we saw her doing the deed with her latest beau! She is the most skittish of little cats, despite the fact we have been feeding her since she was about 6 weeks old. What she doesn’t seem to realise is that, if she would only submit, life would be so much better for her and her best friend Monty, who, having been snipped himself, gets chased off by all her ardent admirers when she is in season.

How many litters can one little cat want to have? This is already her second and she is only about 15 months old. All these kittens can’t be good for a girl’s health or figure! Neither are they good for our stress levels in Almerimar Strays!

Anyway today we finally stopped trying to grab her and resorted to a borrowed catch cage, filled with a trail of goodies including prawns, chicken and lovely wet food. Of course Monty went in almost straight away! He is much tamer and we could pick him up any time with or without a catch cage. Next came Mimi’s beau, who DOES need a snip but was not today’s target. FINALLY after much yelling from the bushes a very hungry Mimi did get 2 paws inside the cage.

I was standing right back with a long length of string attached to the door for snap shutting, and Pam was on standby to assist. The problem was we really needed 4 paws inside as half in isn’t really good enough. I didn’t want to risk an abortive attempt as we will only get one chance to trap her with this particular cage. Mimi has a VERY good memory.

Tomorrow, hopefully we will do better, if she feels more confident. I hope we have a few days left before the birth, but she is looking very round. Fingers crossed. Miguel, the vet at the dog home, has said we can bring her any day. Friday is cat day up there, but heavily pregnant ones count as emergencies in the world of animal rescue.

Here’s hoping for success tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Project Mimi Catch

  1. Mac Sokulski

    Sounds like a hunt…. all you need now is Chris with a long telescopic lens providing the nail biting details 🙂

  2. Sands Post author

    Yep that might be cool. He could almost see us from the roof with a big enough lens!

  3. Chris

    I did try with some binoculars earlier to see if I could see you but houses in the way 🙁

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