Protect lobsters from being boiled alive!

It is still common practice in the UK — and around the world — to boil lobsters alive in order to make our meals. Home cooks and chefs alike shove living animals into scalding pots of murderous water, subjecting them to one of the most painful deaths imaginable. For generations, the food industry has been trying to convince the public that lobsters “don’t really feel pain” so that we’d look the other way. But that’s nonsense. Anyone can see that lobsters — when trapped in vats of boiling, bubbling water — desperately try to escape, panicked to save their own lives and stop the torment.

Being marine creatures without lungs or vocal cords, lobsters can’t communicate with humans. They can’t make sweet mammal-type eye gestures at us that we’ve learned to swoon at. So when it comes to torturing these animals just so we can satisfy our palates, humans have often been all for it. Luckily, countries around the world are starting to ban this culinary practice. Right now, the UK government is considering legislation that would ban the live-boiling of lobsters, and it’s imperative lawmakers pass this bill. Sign the petition to demand that British lawmakers pass the Animal Welfare (Sentient) Bill and give crustaceans and molluscs like lobsters actual rights!

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