Protect New South Whales Cats and Wildlife from Being Poisoned!

New South Wales, Australia is experiencing an overpopulation crisis from mice, which are destroying farmers’ crops and posing a threat to vulnerable people’s health. Unfortunately, NSW Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall has proposed an unnatural, short-sighted plan to use an extremely powerful poison (he called it “the most powerful poison that we can get our hands on”) called bromadiolone. The bromadiolone will be applied to some of the mice’s sources of food.

The problem is the poison is so potent it will not only kill the mice, but kill a lot of animals up the food chain who feed on them. Sign the petition to urge against this choice in mouse control in NSW!

Some of the other animals that will die in addition to mice are the free-roaming cats that feed on them (including helpful barn cats) and birds of prey! Other birds and wildlife may be collateral damage as well. NSW Agriculture Minister Marshall doesn’t deny that pets, livestock, and wildlife will die. There are other pesticide that do not pose a threat to other animals they could use instead. Sign the petition to demand a ban on using bromadiolone as mouse control in NWS!

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