Putin’s war is killing captive animals in zoos

Animals in Ukrainian Zoos Are Dying from Starvation Because of Russian Bombing and Attacks

More than one month ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a violent invasion of Ukraine, an innocent neighboring country. And it’s not only people who are paying the price, but helpless zoo animals, too.  In total, more than 10,000 animals are in danger at zoos and reserves in Ukraine right now. These include rare and endangered species like polar bears, tigers, wolves, black leopards, and giraffes. Staff at multiple nature reserves and zoos in the country, especially in the cities of Mariupol, Odessa, and Kyiv, are terrified their animals will die — and indeed, some have already begun to perish.

Despite everything, staff and volunteers have been fighting to provide for these captive zoo creatures. But these heroic efforts can only achieve so much in the midst of a war. Receiving shipments of the food they require is nearly impossible right now. Additionally, many utilities have been bombed out of commission, thrusting zoos into darkness and cold. That’s not to mention the stress and fear the creatures endure when hearing explosions going off all around them. At the Park XII Months Zoo near Kyiv, officials say a number of animals there have already died due to cold and hunger. There is only one person responsible for whether or not these helpless, captive animals live or die: Putin. He must end this brutal, senseless bombardment — and if he will not do it, his advisors must. Sign the petition to save animals! Demand that Putin and his military advisors end this campaign of terror in Ukraine!

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