Quarter of owners admit to calling their pet ‘baby’ and half let them sleep on the bed

More than a little surprised by the recent article in the Daily Mail reporting that according to a survey of 23,000 dog owners, a quarter admit treating their dog like a small child, while almost half confess to letting their dog spend the night on their bed. Just under three quarters told the survey, which was carried out by Channel 4 as part of a new programme called Dogs: Their Secret Lives, they have a photograph of their pet.

Surprised? That it wasn’t more! If the people that we have transported pets for via our ALStrays Pet and Rescue Transport business, throughout Portugal, Spain, France, Itlay, Bosnia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK, are anything to go by (aka their Facebook activity) we basically have whole conversations with our pets, have a variety of names for them and could never be satisfied with just one photograph of them!

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