Quick Strays Update 19/06/09

Just back from feeding Monty, Mimi & Beau (her beau). Mimi is now looking much better and less fat, after 4 days of anti-lactating medicine. I now feel that I thoughtlessly neglected her after we picked up her Xabi kitten, but last litter she had no problem with excess residual milk. Anyway all seems well now, apart from the fact that she is definitely hanging out with macho Beau again and not with her long-term pal Monty (castrated), the little strumpet!

On a positive note however, this morning she went further into the cat trap to eat the scrummy meat, so I’m hoping to be able to confidently set it next week and catch the little madam, to put an end to her mating escapades and start getting her ready to travel to Germany. I now have the email address so we can communicate directly with Monty and Mimi’s prospective adoptee (in German!) which I think will put all our minds at rest, as these 2 are very dear to us.

Also positive is that our feral siamese female and 5 kittens continue to do well, and we plan to catch them once our first litter have gone to Germany on July 10th. Yesterday I spoke to the estate agent who holds the key to the empty locale they inhabit, and she is fine with them being there for now and knows our plans. She told me not to worry, and that noone would disturb them. Meanwhile I am supplementing their normal food rations with extra Ultima kitten biscuits which seem to be going fast. Mother cat however is far from good at expressing her gratitude, and continues to hiss at me!!! I have named her Keba.

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