RAIA: New Process

This morning we received the formal registration details for Tobi, Marti and Tito!

Interestingly RAIA have changed their system a little and rather than receive a letter with the green plastic registration card I received a text with three links to PDF’s (one for each animal).

You now have to print this PDF which has the registration details and a paper identification card which you can cut out and get laminated.

Miguel (our vet) had told us about this: they are saving money, so it wasn’t a surprise …… except I hadn’t expected the SMS (text) especially as Sands received an email as well.

Now depending on your technical aptitude/desire all you need to do with the link in the text is click on it and assuming you have a PDF application on your smart phone and the ability to print over WiFi it is just a couple clicks before you have the document in front of you.

Personally I like this new system, not least because it is so much quicker!

Now remember if we are transporting your pet on the PETS Scheme we will need to see a copy of this document (ideally include it with your passport when we transport the animal) and the details and signature should be the same in the passport, on the registration document and our own Declaration.

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