Ranoo the bear is dying of loneliness

A video has started circulating online exposing the horrible reality for a female bear named Ranoo, who is kept captive in the subpar facilities of the Karachi Zoo in Karachi, Pakistan. In the video, she is shown panting in the immense, scorching heat, surrounded by a sparse environment offering little in the way of shade or relief — not even a drop of water in sight, let alone food. Her fur is matted, her nails are painfully overgrown, and other signs of medical negligence are clear. But the physical tolls on Ranoo have been nothing compared to her emotional trauma.

While the rest of her bear community is back in the Pakistani city of Skardu, she was torn away from them in order to entertain paying guests at the Karachi Zoo’s shameful facilities all on her own. She is the only bear at the zoo, and experts agree that her loneliness puts her in a dire situation. But while celebrities in the country like actor Ushna Shah are using their influence to publicize Ranoo’s plight, desperate to help her, officials are trying to sweep the bear’s pain under the rug. Let’s tell them that the world is watching, and we demand justice for Ranoo. Sign the petition to demand that Ranoo the bear be reunited with her family, and that the whole bear group is sent to a reputable sanctuary!

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  1. Arlene Tompkins

    Please release Ranoo and allow this bear to live with its own. No animal should suffer like this for the pleasure of others. Thank you in advance.

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