Rescue dogs were shot so people couldn’t come pick them up

Rescue dogs that were being prepared for adoption were shot dead by a heartless New South Wales council and were killed to stop people travelling to pick them up and catching the COVID-19 virus. Sign now and tell the Bourke Shire Police to find who did this unspeakable crime and charge them under the Australian animal cruelty laws!

The local shire of Bourke in rural New South Wales has defended claims that the dogs were shot saying “It was to protect the employees and the community from the risk of Covid transmission.” The dog shooting was callous and not required as there was a a Covid safe plan already in place at the time that was to assist in the animals safe adoption to loving families.

This event has caused distress among animal lovers and locals to the area and its surrounds and has sent a ripple effect through local and state governing bodies even reaching internationally. Animal rights activists have condemned the act calling it deplorable and without any empathy. Act now to save more innocent animals from this same fate and tell the Agriculture and Food Minister to enforce stricter punishments for the people who commit these crimes against animals!

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