Romanian Dogs Facing Dangerous Cold

For animals in desperate need, winter’s worst may be yet to come.

Dropping temperatures, ice, snow, and rain will soon leave many neglected dogs in Romania soaking wet and shivering as they struggle just to make it through the long, bitterly cold nights.

Right now, determined fieldworkers supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund are delivering shelter, food, bedding, and other necessities to as many animals as they can reach – brightening the lives of lonely animals and offering them some respite from the elements.

Please help ensure that workers have the resources to help more animals by making a generous gift to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund right now.

The homeless-animal crisis in Romania is among the worst in Europe – and many dogs who do have owners are still being forced to live outdoors even in the deadliest of weather.

Sometimes, being provided with information by PETA Germany and its Romanian partner Eduxanima is enough to inspire owners to bring animals indoors with the rest of the family – but when that doesn’t work, the team does all it can to improve animals’ conditions by supplying doghouses, lightweight tie-outs to replace heavy chains, food, and medical care.

I hope you’ll take a moment right now to strengthen this critically important work for animals. Give to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund today and offer hope for a dog in need.

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