Roughly 30% of all Australian koalas have died in the last 3 years

Between natural disasters like bushfires, droughts and human development, roughly 30% of all the koalas in Australia have died in just the past 3 years. Now there are only about 58,000 left and they are at risk, too! Sign the petition to ask the Australian government to do more to protect these koalas’ habitats!

Droughts over the last 10 years had already hit the koala population really hard, then add onto it the horrible bushfires in 2019 and 2020 and the poor koalas hardly had a chance! The threat against koalas we can most easily protect them against, though, is human development. Property developers and road builders and destroying the koalas’ habitat!

Right now, koalas are listed as “vulnerable”, but that may be changing soon to “endangered”. While that would be tragic, it would also help show lawmakers how important it is to protect the marsupials right away. Please sign if you think Australia needs a koala habitat protection law right away!

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