Ruby the cat was brutally murdered for digging in a garden!

Outdoor cats are uniquely lucky pets — they get all the love, care, and attention that comes from having a family of humans, while being able to enjoy all the adventure, stimulation, and use of their natural instincts that the outside world provides. But Ruby, an outdoor cat living with her human, Shirley, in the tiny English town of Abder, did not end up being so lucky. Ruby was captured and drowned by one of Shirley’s neighbors, all just because she was acting like a cat, digging around the dirt on his property.

When Ruby went missing one weekend, Shirley was sick with worry. After two days of nonstop searching, she asked her neighbor, Richard Giles, if he had seen the sweet kitty. His response? “You won’t find her. She’s gone. I’ve killed her.” Giles found Ruby digging in his garden beds, and instead of taking her home and settling the matter with her owner, he grabbed the defenseless cat and drowned her in one of his rainwater storage tanks.

Not only did Giles kill Ruby in such a violent way — he openly admitted to it and stood by his decision. He showed no remorse and never apologized to Shirley, who lost her only companion to his selfish cruelty. Giles should clearly never be around animals again. Sign the petition and ask that the RSPCA recommend a lifetime ban from owning or keeping animals!

1 thought on “Ruby the cat was brutally murdered for digging in a garden!

  1. Karen Woodward

    I am absolutely sickened, saddened and heartbroken at what this scumbag did to poor Ruby who was just going about her business. How anyone could carry out such a barbaric act of cruelty is incomprehensible. My thoughts go out to Ruby’s rescuer and companion. I just hope this piece of good for nothing gets his comeuppance and hope he meets the same fate. How can he say he is a wildlife enthusiast when he can do this to a poor defenseless cat. Just hope his maker punishes him once and for all.

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