Russian SNIPERS USING DOGS for TARGET PRACTICE… food near impossible to obtain. THIS IS THE REALITY in Ukraine RIGHT NOW!

Abandoned to fend for themselves on the streets, countless FAMILY PETS are desperate for food, medical care and safe shelter in Ukraine. Please, help us help them!

We hope you are aware that, thanks to our supporters, we have been rushing emergency aid to abandoned dogs and cats in Ukraine as war rages in the country. We are doing our best, but the situation is worsening by the minute – it’s already so much worse than it was just a few days ago when we first started helping the animals. Please, continue to help us come to the immediate aid of animals in desperate need!

There are reports of Russian snipers using abandoned dogs for ‘target practice’, shooting the animals in cold blood as they desperately forage for food or seek shelter. Can you imagine the brutal mindset of individuals who would do this to terrified homeless animals – in the midst of war? THIS is why it’s critical that we continue to help as many animals in Ukraine as we can. We must NOT turn our attention away from these desperate souls.

People are fleeing, animals are being abandoned and killed. ‘Heartbreaking’ doesn’t even begin to describe the distressing scenes on the streets.

Right now, more and more animals are pouring into shelters. While people – understandably – hunker down in bomb shelters not sure if they’ll live through the night, almost no one is looking out for the dogs and cats left abandoned on the war-torn streets. 

With every passing hour, prices are escalating and supplies drying up. Banks, markets and shops are shut or on the verge of closing. Transport is increasingly difficult, and a strict curfew (from 5:00 pm each day until 8:00 am the next morning) has rendered cities and towns all but desolate… EXCEPT FOR THE ANIMALS left roaming the streets as bullets rain from the sky and bombs tear up the streets. 

The primary need these animals have right now is food. It is incredibly difficult to find pet food given all the logistical obstacles. However, we are working with companies that have access to cat and dog food, as well as the operational capabilities to deliver the food to the shelters that need it most. 

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