Sabrina & Angela

25/04/13: Our 2 little ladies traveled to Germany on the April transport. At first they were off to a foster home together but the week before the transport they were actually adopted, AND on arrival their family loved them immediately. Both little girls came out of their boxes after the long journey with their tails in the air, ready to greet and cuddle with all! Their Mum wrote some weeks later that “the two sweeties have very well settled. They are lively, playful, greedy and so cute. Today we will cover the balcony and we look forward to spring.” All is fine and now I have new photos of them in their forever home!

04/03/13: Here are the 2 little angel girls that were rescued up near Murcia by a caring English woman. She contacted me because she had been unable to find them a home locally and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep them safe from her many dogs. They therefore joined our last Germany transport on the way back! and I am now re-homing them. Both spent their first week here in my kitten room and once they overcame their initial shyness, they were completely endearing little girls, and both very pretty. They are lovely, affectionate, playful cats, and I think will stay small and cute as both are now 7 months old. They are on the April transport list to travel to a foster home, but I have a feeling they will have a family before then.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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  1. Jenny

    So pleased to hear these sweet girls now have a lovely forever home

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