Saleti & Candela

11/11/13: I have to confess that whilst I love ALL cats, Persians with their unusually shaped mouths would never have been my first choice. I am however slowly changing my opinion. My 5th cat Dusky is I am sure a Persian cross, and I love his sophisticated, relaxed, gentle character, and I have loved other Persian cross strays that I have helped. Now these 2 beautiful, supposed pure-breeds, have totally captured my heart. They are 7 years old and were left at SOS Pechina for re-homing when their owner for some reason could no longer have them. Pechina were instructed they must be homed together so somebody obviously cared, which makes us think that maybe their owner died. For weeks they were in a small cage together looking slowly thinner, and more distressed, and finally after they were put into the cattery with all the other cats, I couldn’t leave them there any longer.

Both have lost weight as their information from Pechina said they were originally 9kg and 7.5 kg. Saleti the male is still over 6kg but poor Candela weighs only 2.7kg, has horribly matted fur and is still not eating well and gaining weight. Both now seem relaxed in my foster room, although a foster home is urgently needed so that they can have more comfort and attention and can be watched more to see how they really interact. Saleti had a bad experience on the way here from Pechina, as he injured his nose on the door of the cat box, and last week needed sedation so that my vet could unblock it to allow him to breathe and eat normally again. He is still struggling a little but seems almost healed.

Both are completely loveable, particularly Saleti, who is like a big cuddly bear, and has mostly been putting up with us nursing his nose and giving him medicines, with good humour. Candela is a little less confident, and whilst loving strokes and brushes, does not really like to be held. She has a visit to the cat hairdresser planned for later this week which should make her happier, as she has been trying to clean herself up in the last days.

Yesterday I managed to take some better photos go them, so I am really hoping an adoption will be soon. These 2 need a proper home again urgently.

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