Save Elephants from Being Killed by Trains in India

This week, seven elephants, including two babies, were killed when they were hit by a train in India. At least ten more were severely injured.

Railroad authorities must reduce the speed of their trains in elephant corridors so this never happens again.

Elephants are incredibly intelligent and compassionate. After last week’s accident, the terrified herd fled, but they soon returned to mourn by the side of the tracks for hours.

Dozens of elephants have been killed by trains in the last decade all over India — since 2004, 50 have perished in West Bengal alone. But railroad authorities still refuse to implement mandatory speed reductions of their trains in elephant corridors.

If the ministers hadn’t been so stubborn, maybe those baby elephants would still be alive today. We have to take a stand to stop this slaughter from recurring.

Tell India’s railway authorities to implement safety measures to stop elephants from getting struck by any more trains!

You can sign the Care2 Petition here


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