Save the Taiwanese Leopard Cat!

There are fewer than 500 leopard cats left in the entire country of Taiwan, and most of them live in Miaoli County. And massive development projects in the area could doom the rest of the population.

The Taiwanese government is planning to build a bypass road for a highway, a cemetery, a park, and the expansion of a motor plant in the cats’ vital habitat in Sanyi Township. Even though an environmental impact assessment meeting was only recently convened, engineering for the projects has already begun — and the cats, such as the lost baby pictured above, are already wandering into human areas, confused and scared.

Even if the projects’ noise and increased foot and vehicle traffic don’t drive the cats away from their homes, the initiatives will divide the cat co mmunities. Since leopard cats don’t like to cross cement roads, their species will essentially be split in two — thereby reducing the chances for the population to grow in a healthy way. Plus, if they do cross the street to mate, they risk getting killed by cars.

These development projects shouldn’t come at the cost of Taiwan’s leopard cats. Ask the government to halt the projects and save the cats before it’s too late!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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