Save these adventurous skunks from endangerment!

Spotted skunks are known as “the acrobats of the skunk world.” These small, squirrel-sized creatures stay safe from hungry predators by jumping onto their front legs and doing a handstand, kicking their back legs and big fluffy tails up into the sky to look bigger. They’ve even been spotted successfully facing off with mountain lions and owls, and winning the who’s-scariest competition! But unfortunately these impressive creatures are at risk due to human urbanization.

Unlike their bigger, more famous relatives the striped skunks, spotted skunks prefer rural life and have difficulty adapting when human construction comes along. At least one species, the Plains spotted skunk is edging towards endangerment due to a large population decline over the past 100 years. Typically living in U.S. states like Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and more, these little beings need our help. After all — they can scare off a mountain lion, but unfortunately they can’t scare off us humans. Tell the U.S. Congress to list the Plains spotted skunk as an endangered species under the federal Endangered Species Act! U.S. government agencies must also protect these animals’ crucial ecosystems.

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