Save these unique and tiny foxes

List the Tiny Fennec Fox as an Endangered Species!

The fennec fox is the smallest species of fox in the whole world. Standing just 8 inches tall with adorably large ears, the fennec fox weighs only 2 to 3 pounds on average. It’s even shorter and smaller than an average housecat!

But these charming creatures are hunted at alarming rates, and conservationists are worried.

This adorable little fox is native to the Sahara Desert. Scientists believe the fox’s iconic large ears were one of ways the species adapted to a harsh, devastatingly hot desert climate.

Fennec foxes are also highly social animals, living in groups of roughly 10 other foxes. The animals develop close bonds with their peers and even play with one another well into adulthood.

But all of these wonderful traits can’t save this species from aggressive hunting. That’s why conservation organizations must act soon.

It is time the IUCN finally list the fennec fox on the endangered species list so that it can receive the protections it needs! Sign the petition now to protect these wonderful tiny mammals.

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