Selling their cheap chicken comes with a price

Costco is Hurting the Animals It Sells as Meat. Demand Government Action Now!

Costco is one of the largest membership-based grocers and retail stores in the U.S. — and even the world. One of Costco’s biggest claims to fame is its low-price meats sold at its many warehouse-esque stores. That includes cheap hot dogs as well as whole rotisserie chicken meals sold for just $4.99 a piece. But this low price comes with a cost of its own: the mistreatment of animals. Undercover footage by the organization Mercy for Animals reveals the agonizing conditions these birds endure. And sadly, millions of birds are going through this: just last year alone, Costco sold approximately 106 million rotisserie chickens in its stores.

Farmers intentionally push chickens to become so large so quickly, that it’s impossible for the animals to stand on their own two legs, causing them to collapse. That leaves the immobilized animals to painfully starve to death, lying on floors filled with feces, and developing bloody open wounds from being unable to move or turn. Now Costco is facing lawsuits claiming it “illegally neglects and abandons its chickens.” The new lawsuit also alleges that Costco’s top executives “caused, [are] aware of, and consciously disregarded clear signs of Costco’s ongoing mistreatment of chickens.” Now that we have evidence that Costco is acting inhumanely towards animals, the U.S. government must act. Sign the petition to demand that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigate Costco and its chicken suppliers, and hold them accountable!

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