Serbia: Don’t evict 450 dogs from a sanctuary on Christmas Day!

Officials in Nis, Serbia have ordered dog catchers to round up 450 rescue dogs from a cage-free sanctuary on Christmas Day. These dogs are being evicted simply because the city wants to take back the land that the sanctuary has used for years.

We can’t stand by while this sanctuary is destroyed – sign the Care2 petition today urging Serbia not to evict 450 rescue dogs!

Sasha Pesic runs this unique sanctuary where dogs eat, play and run together without the traditional confines of a kennel system. The shelter has provided food, shelter, veterinary services and care for hundreds of strays who formerly roamed the streets – all through private donations and at no cost to the city.

It’s shocking, then, that the city would suddenly give them just 15 days to move out and relocate the dogs or leave them at the mercy of dog catchers.

We have to help protect this amazing sanctuary and the hundreds of rescue dogs who live there. The city won’t reverse their decision to shut it down unless they get massive international pressure. That’s why we need to act now and urge Serbian officials to reverse the decision to evict 450 rescue dogs on Christmas Day.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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