She burned the dog alive as part of a “sacrifice ritual”

This Woman Set a Conscious Dog on Fire, Burning It Alive

In an especially gut wrenching case of animal cruelty — specifically and heartbreakingly, torture — a Missouri woman has confessed to burning alive a dog owned by her mother as part of a “sacrifice ritual.” She was charged with felonies and jail time, but we must push prosecutors to include a lifetime ban on animal ownership and mandatory counseling. Clearly this person should never be allowed to own animals again and is in need of professional help.

Sign now to demand a lifetime ban on animal ownership and counseling for this woman!

When officers arrived at the house, they came upon a horrific scene — the body of a half-burned terrier mix lying dead in the courtyard fire pit. The perpetrator immediately admitted to the brutal torture and murder of the poor pup, but the damage had already been done. It is tragic to imagine the suffering this dog must have endured in its final moments — and it is up to those of us who care deeply about animals to protect them from such awful violence in the future. Sign the petition now to tell Missouri prosecutors: give this woman a lifetime ban on animal ownership and mandatory counseling!


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