She live streamed the chihuahua she had just violently murdered

A Woman Drowned Her Chihuahua and Live-Streamed the Dead Body; Demand Justice!

In a truly disturbing case of animal abuse, a woman in Florida drowned her own Chihuahua in a swimming pool before live-streaming the dead body. The horrific footage shows the woman taking her Chihuahua into a pool, and then holding the dog under the water while it “visibly struggled.” The woman was charged with felonies and is already in jail for stabbing her roommate. We must push prosecutors to include a lifetime ban on animal ownership and mandatory counseling. Clearly this person should never be allowed to own animals again and is in need of professional help.

Sign now to demand a lifetime ban on animal ownership and counseling for this woman!

The tragic incident, which happened last October, was captured on CCTV footage and turned over to the police. The Brevard County Sheriff, Wayne Ivy, described the video as “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” In the footage, the woman can be seen drowning the dog, and then beating the body on concrete four times before posing for social media photos next to its corpse. Sign the petition now to tell Florida prosecutors: give this woman a lifetime ban on animal ownership and mandatory counseling!

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