She threw her dog at a cop to avoid animal abuse questions

A woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma was seen by onlookers throwing her small puppy at police officers who were trying to talk to her after receiving reports that she was abusing the animal. The woman has reportedly been arrested for animal cruelty, threats of violence and resisting officers. Now we need to be sure she never has an animal again.

Sign now and tell Tulsa authorities to prosecute the woman and make sure she can never own animals again!

The woman has been accused of dragging and kicking her small puppy while walking and further abused the animal as people from the public tried to intervene and stop the abuse from continuing. When police officers arrived at the the scene, she was argumentative and visibly angry as she then reportedly proceeded to throw her puppy at the officers and flee.

The poor animal was shaken and suffered minor injuries that included scapes and cuts on its feet and stomachAct now and urge the authorities to prosecute this woman and make sure she never owns animals again. 

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