She was hoarding, neglecting, and abusing almost 50 animals in her home

A woman in Erie, Pennsylvania was recently discovered to have been hoarding nearly 50 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens in detestable conditions. The investigation was kicked off when two people witnessed this woman stomping on a dog’s head. When officers arrived to investigate, no one was home to answer the door — but from where they stood, the nightmarish conditions were obvious. 48 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, some of them stuffed in filthy cages, were wasting away inside. One of the cats was already dead, cruelly left to rot amongst the other neglected, terrified animals who were no doubt emotionally and psychologically distressed by this. They were all physically distressed too, suffering from fleas, skin and ear infections, and painful dental complications.

What is particularly heartbreaking about this case is that the cruelty could have been anticipated and prevented. Over a decade ago, this woman was investigated for a similar hoarding and neglect case in which 24 dogs were found — three of them already dead. Five more dogs were so sick and neglected that they tragically had to be put down after they were rescued. This woman should have never been given the chance to get her hands on innocent animals ever again. But here we are, and we must demand that authorities in Erie step in so there is never a next time. Sign the petition asking for this woman to be banned from owning animals ever again!

1 thought on “She was hoarding, neglecting, and abusing almost 50 animals in her home

  1. Steven Hulbert

    Have been a shelter volunteer and know ACO’s. Why wasn’t the woman charged a decade ago for the crimes? There’s no excuse for LE authorities not to file and charger her!

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