Shocking footage shows the brutal abuse of live animal exports

Scenes of abuse were recently recorded in an Indonesian abattoir were Australian cattle were being butchered alive, prodded with electrical sticks, and mistreated in a sickening moment of violence. Sign now and tell the Australian Minister of Agriculture, David Littleproud to put a stop to the live export of animals for international consumption!

In the undercover investigation footage, a Brahman calf is struck twice with a stun gun and rolled out onto a cold concrete platform for slaughtering. The horrifying video then shows two workers try and hold the terrified animal down and cut its throat in a brutal final act. Other cattle are seen choking to death on blood, shot, or hung on metal hooks whilst still alive. 

Australia still upholds legislation protecting live exports that lead to such cruelty, even though its close neighbor New Zealand banned live export of its animals all the way back in 2008 and the UK intends to follow soon. It’s time Australia realized the truth: there is no ethical way to do this. Sign to demand an end to the live export of animals for international consumption!

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