Shylo the lab was found tied up, weighed down, and drowned in a lake

When Sunni Stalbird found that someone had let her three beloved pet dogs out of her yard on Monday, September 6, she must have been terrified. But relief came swiftly when she found two of them wandering on a dock that they were all familiar with — it was near one of their favorite swimming spots. But Shylo, Stalbird’s yellow lab, was still missing…

Until the next day, when kayakers told her that they had spotted poor Shylo’s body floating in the cove. At first, Stalbird says she thought Shylo had accidentally drowned, but when she pulled her sweet pup’s body out of the water, it became clear this was no accident. Whoever released Stalbird’s dogs had caught Shylo, tied his legs to a pole that was weighed down with cement, and thrown him into the water to drown.

There is no question that whoever did this needs to be found at once so that no other animals fall victim to the same fate. This level of cruelty and violence is a danger to animals and humans alike in this community. Sign the petition and ask that every possible avenue be taken to find Shylo’s killer!

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