Siam Cat Cleo

16/05/11: The latest news is that Cleo has made made friends with the 2 big boys, Maddie and Joker, and there has been no hissing now for some time.

They are playing ‘catch’ together, and from the new photos all seems at peace.

Cleo In Her New Home

Cleo In Her New Home

Cleo In Her New Home

26/04/11: Since I posted earlier I have received an email from Kerstin. All seems fine in Cleo’s initially ‘trial’ home. Looks like her family will be signing the contract in the next few days.

“Seems to be fine… perhaps end of the week I can write the adoption contract… sometime she hiss, because the 2 boys are big boys – a Birma and a Main Coon… but will be better and today she was very self confident in the apartment… the tail shown to the top and she tries to catch some cuddles… she likes to be stroke…”

This little lady turned up a couple of months ago, among the stray cats that Pauline one of the PAWs ladies feeds, and is a sweet little princess.

She quickly had an interested lady, but then developed a slight fever and couldn’t travel in March. Her adoptant decided not to wait for her, and so Cleo has been waiting for a new home, while being thoroughly spoilt by Pauline and her husband Frank.

Cleo is a very pretty, sweet, affectionate little cat and loves cuddles, and I was not surprised that a new adoptant was quickly found. Then she had some more luck when a flight partner for her was also found. This meant little Cleo avoided the transport by road, and got to fly cabin to Munich on Friday 22nd.

The news from Germany is good. Cleo was a little quiet on arrival, but her new Mum could stroke her and thought she was lovely. I look forward to new photos of her in her new home.

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