So Far A good Week

So far everything has gone to plan this week. Yesterday we caught Monster Mog or Caesar as we are now calling him, and after an overnighter with Jenny he has been up to vet Miguel today to be ‘processed’.

The poor thing is now very woosy having been tested, chipped castrated and pumped full of various vaccinations. We have just dropped him off with a very nice Spanish lady, who is hopefully going to foster him for the next few weeks, if he settles ok. The fall-back is one of the cat rescue homes. We will see. He definitely seems a very sweet boy … if a little smelly right now after his operation.

Meanwhile the sweet little tabby from the rocks is installed in Pam’s study since yesterday, and seems very fussy and friendly. She kept Pam up a lot of last night crying, but we’re hoping she will be more settled tonight, and apart from slightly infected gums, she seems healthy enough to travel to Germany as planned next Saturday.

It was funny when Pam and I went to pickup the Mog this afternoon, as the dog rescue seemed deserted. I rang Miguel on his mobile but he had left, and although he assured us Elka was still there, when she didn’t respond to any of our calls, we just had to leave with our cat! Whilst we were waiting we did however catch sight of the ‘dog now called Sandra’ that we rescued last week. She seemed to have settled in well with all the others and looked happy and healthy.

Our only slight failure this morning, was when we tried to catch another semi-feral cat … the little ginger male. He is not yet quite as tame as we thought, so we will leave him a little longer now.

Overall a good week. I will check on Caesar tomorrow and take him a worming pill, but assuming he is settled and Mina the tabby stops crying at night, then we are nicely on plan for this week.

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