Sol Times 16/03 – Plus One Special Dog

This article will go out in the Sol Times next week, but I thought I would post it on the blog today, as while I type, 36 cats and Maggie the dog are on route to Germany!

It has been an incredibly busy week for me, finalising everything, and I would like to thank everybody who has helped these animals in any way, and of course Chris and Ken who are currently on their way back in horrible weather, having met up with the German girls just over the French border.

Now our job is done, and Katzenherzen will take over the care of our beautiful cats. Martina and Petra are driving them to Germany, and later will meet up with Kerstin and other girls who will drive them to their adoptants and foster homes. Yesterday I stopped to think about the effort and number of people involved in giving our cats their new lives. Of course they are worth it!

Look out for lots of updates and photos in the coming days. My next post will be to introduce you to Katya who managed to spend 6 hours in the car sitting on Chris’s knee!! For now enjoy the article, and the cute photo of best friends Guinness and Maggie.

By the time you read this article 36 more cats will have travelled to new lives in Germany, most of them direct to adoptants, with the rest going to experienced foster homes. These include, Jessica, Shakira and Dolores, the last 3 of the Subway girls, 14 cats via PAWs Mojacar, and cats from Turre and Sorbas.

I am also very pleased to say that there were also a few more local cats on this transport. Gulliver is a beautiful ginger tabby, we rescued from Almerimar port, Katya and Lisa were about to be abandoned by a waiter here, Nadal, Artem, Mela, and Cisco are 4 little wild (siammix) kids from Roquetas, Boots is a Berja street kitten, and Brodie is another wild kid (Russian Blue) trapped in a garden in my street.

I can only rescue cats not dogs and although some of the people I work with also rescue dogs, our transport is a cat only one. This time however we made an exception for a very special dog, Maggie, the German Shepherd cross puppy. This is because Maggie’s best friend is Guinness the cat! They play and cuddle together, and Guinness has even been known to share his mouse kills with Maggie!

Their foster home in Germany is very excited to have them, and we will find these 2 a forever home together.

Guinness the Cat & Maggie

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