Sol Times 26/01 – Biggest Transport Ever

On January 21st 38 cats travelled to new homes in Germany. My article in the Sol Times this week gave more details, AND was the first of mine to be published in the Mojacar edition.

On Friday Chris and Ken drove 38 cats to the French border, to meet the girls from Katzenherzen, who set off at the same time from Germany. This was the second time I had arranged our own transport, and it was my biggest transport to date.

Of the 38, 6 traveled direct from a small protectora in the center of Almeria (Alondra Dupont), that also works with Katzenherzen in Germany, whilst the remaining 32 were AlStrays cats, and these came from a wide variety of places! Since I was first contacted by Diane of PAWs Mojacar in April 2010, I have started to help cats over a much bigger area, and hope to be able to continue to do this.

In the car on Friday were Purdey, Salma, Levi & little Jasmin from the Subway restaurant colony in Mojacar, Jimi, Daisy, Rudi & Maisie a litter from a Spanish household near Mojacar, Blanca rescued by an American lady in Turre, Ana from a German couple in Mojacar, Sara, Jack, Oliver & Bailey, and Sienna all helped by Matt in Sorbas, AND Sombra, Snowy, Spot and Smudge a siam-mix litter originally rescued by the San Animal Santuario near Lorca.

In addition from PAWs Mojacar we had, Sophie, Otto, Tigger, Smokey, Rosie, Maxine, Monty, and Chico, AND closer to home, 3 cats, Lazaro, SaraII & Halle Berry, traveled from the home in Viator, of a lovely Spanish couple who had rescued them, Capuchina from Roquetas, and little Taj, originally rescued in Turre, from an Almerimar boat!

News and updates have already started to come in from Germany, and you will find all of this and the first photos of happy cats in their new forever or foster homes, on my blog I’d like to say a big thank you to all the foster parents, our fundraisers, to PAWs, to Katzenherzen, to Matt, and Eduardo & Miguel our Spanish vets, and to anyone else who has helped make this possible, AND finally to Ken and Chris who endured another 24 hour drive, rather noisy and smelly on the way to France! I and the cats are VERY grateful to you all!!!

AND FINALLY the photo is of the latest stray kitten to need help. The work continues.

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