Sol Times 08/12 – Rescuing To Order

This is my article published in the Sol Times on Wednesday. Siamese cats and Persians are VERY popular in Germany.

Since I wrote my last article, the last 2 cats from the colony near the Subway restaurant in Mojacar have been caught, including Levi (named by me!) pictured. He was my inspiration to help this colony, as I fell in love with his beautiful face the first time I set eyes on him. I decided he definitely didn’t belong on the streets, and although he doesn’t quite agree with me yet! and is still nervous, he is making good progress, and is now happy to be stroked.

On November 26th the first of the Subway cats, Mocha the siamese boy, travelled to his adoptant in Germany. He arrived well and was pronounced beautiful by his new parents, who will give him all the time he needs to settle. 7 other cats also travelled to adoptants or foster homes, and the news of them is all good.

Other good news is that we have found homes for 4 siam-mix kittens in the last week, one little white and ginger abandoned female and an older Persian-mix. The quick re-homing of the more pedigree looking cats is not a surprise, and I will always try for them even when our foster homes are full. They do not take homes from our other beautiful cats, because the reality is that the people who want siam-mix cats for example, are not going to adopt anything else. Now we are urgently looking for a foster home for a long haired siamese male, who, whilst still on the streets, already has an adoptant, a lady who has been waiting for a cat just like him!

There are SO many beautiful strays out there, that I even said to Kerstin in Germany, IF she had a request for a particular colour or type of cat, we could almost rescue to order!! This is the reality. The number of cats needing help and the shortage of foster homes, has led me to start sending photos to Germany sometimes BEFORE I act, asking which cats they think they can find homes for immediately, to help me decide which to rescue next, and, even when there is a home waiting I still cannot always help. We urgently need more foster homes and flight partners to get our cats to Germany. Please come forward anyone who can help us.

Handsome Levi

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