Soldier Asks for Help Saving Pup: He Can’t Do It Alone

Baby wandered around base. She was hungry and terribly scared when soldiers came near. She acted as if someone had hurt her.

Fortunately, Army Officer Stephen gained Baby’s trust before she was hurt again or starved and alone. He started feeding Baby by tossing food from afar. Finally, Baby began waiting patiently for her meals and the loving attention of Officer Stephen.

The Officer didn’t intend to adopt a dog while on deployment. He simply saw a suffering animal and took action. Exactly as you or I would have done. Since then, Baby has captured his heart.

Now that Officer Stephen’s deployment is ending, he’s worried he won’t be able to keep Baby safe any longer. The thought breaks his heart. He’s counting on your generosity to help her.

Donate $35 to Save Baby

The Officer is prohibited from bringing Baby on a military plane. He is heartbroken.

Officer Stephen knows that Baby will struggle to survive if she is left behind. He is so worried that Baby will go back to the starving and skittish dog she was when he found her. Please donate now, every dollar counts in this critical rescue.

This pup has done so much for Officer Stephen. Now, the Officer just wants to give Baby a good life with him in Montana.

Officer Stephen tells us, “Having Baby is a bright spot for me, as I am missing home.  She has helped me feel I can effectively make a living creature’s life better. I want to do everything in my power to ensure that I can bring her back home with me. I need to know that she will be taken care of.”

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