Someone abused more than 325 dogs at this property

I mean how? How did nobody notice sooner and do anything about it!

Keep Pets Out of the Hands of These Animal Abusers for Good!

The majority of pet owners take thoughtful, loving care of our furry friends, and can’t imagine allowing any harm to come to them. So it is nearly impossible for many people to comprehend the horror taking place in Nevada, where authorities seized upwards of 325 dogs from a property because of dangerous conditions. Several of the dogs were fighting and attacking one another because there was so little food and water. Others had abscesses and gruesome infections — while some were even missing legs. The scene devastated local officials and animal rights activists, who described the animals as fighting “literally life or death to eat.”

Animal abuse does of course occur throughout the United States, but the level of cruelty found at the Nevada residence is hard to imagine.The Sheriff’s Office has been steadily removing literally hundreds of dogs from two properties because of the terrifying, unlivable conditions. Officials have charged the couple involved with felony animal abuse and neglect. But it is still unclear just how they got their hands on so many animals and were allowed to harm them for so long. We must ensure that it can never happen again! These people should simply never be allowed to own animals in the future. Nye County, Nevada authorities must charge these perpetrators and prevent them from ever owning another pet. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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