Someone freed these fur-farm minks. Now they need our help

They’re Getting Hunters to Kill 10,000 Minks That Escaped a Deadly Fur Farm

Lion Farms USA, a fur farm in Ohio, used to hold tens of thousands of minks captive in tiny containers. The poor little animals sat in fear until handlers would pry them out of the cages, viciously kill them, and ultimately skin the creatures for their fur.

Then, some likely well-intentioned person or group of people decided to try and save these animals from such a horrific, torture-filled fate.

They released up to 40,000 of the captive mink — which could have been a good thing!

But then authorities started bringing in trappers to painfully catch and kill the escaped animals. They even authorized civilians to slaughter any free-roaming minks they encountered.

Already, most of the animals are dead. Experts estimate that only around 10,000 remain alive and free.

Ohio government officials must do their part to capture and rehome these animals — without killing them! Sign the petition!

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