Someone is shooting innocent cats in this Florida neighborhood!

In one neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, the idyllic, free lives that many outdoor cats live — either as strays, or as beloved family pets — are in jeopardy. Some malicious person is going around and shooting whatever cats they can find with a BB gun. There seems to be no reason behind these attacks other than the offender’s own sinister pleasure. BB guns may seem more “playful” or less lethal than other types of firearms, but that is far from the case. Neighbors have reported multiple sightings of cats with healed gunshot wounds. Other cats have been less lucky, and fallen gravely ill from their wounds and subsequent infections. Three have even died, including one tiny kitten named Flower, pictured above.

Hillsborough County Animal Control is investigating the matter, but in such a violent and upsetting case, they need to know just how urgent it is to find this person. This sort of malice is a threat to all living things. If this person is able, willing, and wanting to inflict such pain onto a cat, what is stopping them from moving onto other animals? And as we know from extensive data, someone interested in hurting animals often progresses to harming — and even murdering — human beings. Sign the petition and urge Hillsborough County Animal Control to do everything in their power to find and stop this cat-killer!


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