Someone screwed this dog’s paws into a door frame

This Poor Dog Was Found Barricaded in a Bathroom…With Its Paws Screwed to the Door Frame

In a home in South Carolina, police officers and animal control officials discovered a horrific scene. A man had barricaded his dog in a bathroom, trapped behind an air conditioner and weight lifting equipment. But even once they got to the dog in order to extract it, they couldn’t – two of the poor dog’s paws had literally been screwed to the doorframe, painfully and tortuously keeping it frozen in place.

Sign the petition demanding this abuser receive a lifetime ban on owning or living with animals!

Officers were able to remove one screw from the pup’s paw, but the other three-inch screw was in too deep – the dog’s abuser had used a power drill to make sure that it was never coming out. The exhausted dog had to withstand its paw literally being ripped from the screw so that rescuers could rush it to safety. It is safe and recovering, but it will be a long time before the emotional and physical scars from this ordeal heal. 

The dog’s owner showed up at the tail end of this rescue, and did everything he could to evade arrest and stop this poor animal from getting to safety. Luckily he was stopped, and will be charged. Sign the petition if you want to see prosecutors in this case recommend a lifetime ban on owning animals and appropriate counseling!

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