Someone tried to drown Honey the cat by throwing her down a 15-foot ravine

A cat so sweet rescuers dubbed her ‘Honey’ is recovering after being mercilessly flung from a moving vehicle into a waterway where she was sure to drown. But a man walking his dog on the South Yorkshire road in the United Kingdom watched the whole tragic ordeal and selflessly dove in after Honey, saving her from a watery grave. After Honey was attended to by vets, it was clear that this attempt to end her life was the last in a series of horrible abuses — her fur was painfully, tightly matted, and underneath she was covered in fleas, open wounds, and cuts.

Just because Honey’s story has a happy ending does not mean this saga is over, though. Whoever threw her from that moving car, having clearly abused her already and knowing she would die from the impact or by drowning, is still out there. And research tells us that animal abuse is often a pattern, not a one-off. Worse still are the concrete links we know exist between animal abuse and abuse of other people. Animal rescues should not have to handle this alone. Sign the petition asking the local authorities to assist in the search for the vehicle from which Honey was thrown — a black Honda — and whoever tried to murder her!


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