Spain hosted a massive trophy hunting event

Spain Hosted a Massive, Grotesque Sale of Animal-Killing Opportunities for Trophy Hunters

Spain hosted one of the European Union’s largest hunting conferences, and the gorey details were all expertly uncovered by Human Society International/Europe (HSI). The horrific event auctioned off the opportunity to hunt down and slaughter “internationally protected species.” Gruesome displays of body parts from lions, polar bears, and more were found throughout the venue. 

The event even held awards for “best foreign hunting trophies,” rewarding hunters for going to other countries and killing their precious, often endangered species. The E.U. is the world’s second largest importer of hunting trophies of internationally protected species, but it can stop enabling this by banning the imports of hunting trophies! 

Sign the petition to demand the E.U. ban the imports of hunting trophies! 

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