Speak Out Against Monstrous Farm

A proposal has been submitted to Ceredigion County Council for an intensive chicken farm at Tŷ Nant farm, near Talybont. Will you help stop these plans?

The proposal for two chicken sheds holding up to 55,000 birds each will, if approved, sentence sensitive birds to a life of abject misery and eventual slaughter. Each year, almost a million chickens would be imprisoned there – almost three times the human population of Cardiff.

The chickens would be forced to spend their short lives in barren, dirty sheds. Bred to grow huge, heavy upper bodies very quickly, they’d likely suffer from severe health problems, including difficulty breathing and heart failure, and after a couple of weeks, some might be unable to stand, leading to starvation. Many of them would be slaughtered when they’re just 38 days old.

Please add your name to our petition against this cruel proposal.

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1 thought on “Speak Out Against Monstrous Farm

  1. Beverly Hutt

    This is so disgusting, This is why I don’t eat meat. This should be stopped, this MUST NOT go ahead.

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