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27/01/14: Now I have lovely photos of Yoda from his foster home in Germany. Apart from a slight cold, he is very well and has been sleeping on the bed of his foster Mum’s daughter! Sweet boy!
25/01/14: Yoda IS now on his way to Germany along with 4 other friends from SOS Pechina. He spent his last 10 days here in Spain being very well looked after in Jayne’s sunny apartment, where it was easy to see that he will adapt brilliantly to the luxury of a proper home. He was queueing up for the comfy cat beds, socialising really well, playing with Madox and exchanging kisses with pretty Kalia. He IS still a little nervous if you surprise him or walk up to him too quickly, but he loves being stroked, and happily sat on the sofa one evening with Jayne to watch television. Safe journey gorgeous boy and a happy life in Germany.

12/01/14: Yoda is a lovely lovely boy and is finally getting his chance to leave SOS Pechina. Looking back at my photos it is hard to believe that I first saw him there in April 2013! Then he was terrified and acting very feral. This may have been shock from losing his home, fear of the large number of other cats sharing his space, or fear of the many dogs barking all around the cat pen. It took about 2 months before I could take nicer photos of him, and before we could really stroke and cuddle him. Now he is very relaxed there as you can see from the latest photos, but this is not the life I want for this handsome boy, and I am very happy that at the end of this month he will be off to a foster home in Germany. Yoda is now very comfortable with the other cats, and I also know that he knew a friendly dog from his previous life. I know this because one time when I visited Pechina a dog was brought into the cat pen on a lead to test its reaction to cats. I saw Yoda actually walk towards the dog as if he wanted to say hello! Here’s hoping he finds his forever home soon.

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Yoda in Germany:

Happy Yoda at Jayne’s:

Earlier Photos From Pechina:

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